Logo Design (2010)

The goal of the Stanford Biomedical Optics  research group is to develop and deploy novel tools for optical imaging at the micro- and nanoscale. Their applications of interest span clinical and basic science domains, and they are also interested in developing low-cost, portable technologies suited for use in poorly resourced environments. Building on their expertise and experience with interferometry (superimposing electromagnetic waves to extract information about the waves), they aim to create innovative technologies that serve as integral complements to the toolkits of biologists and clinicians, and use their own technologies to study cell phenomena relevant to disease. I was contracted to design the group's logo.

Created original logo for web, generated and presented logo variations, produced finished logo according to client's choice.

Received: Project brief

Delivered: Low-resolution PNG files for web

Stanford Biomedical Optics Group website: sbo.stanford.edu