Logo Design, Business Card, & Icons (2013-2014)

There is no lack of history resources on the Internet. Historical web sites, blogs, maps, videos, and animations abound. But two things are missing: 1) A way to tie it all together: text, images, video, audio, historical maps, and animation; 2) A way for anyone to create and share multimedia, animated historical scenarios without having to know programming, graphics, animation, or digital cartography. History in Motion offers powerful, easy-to-use features to you can create historical scenarios, animate events, share your work with others, and explore history in a way that was never before possible. If it helps to understand that this was happening here while that was happening there, History in Motion is the tool for you.

Created original company logo for print and web (out of close to 100 logo variations), produced finished logo, business card, and icon sets according to client's choice.

Received: Project brief, copy

Delivered: High-resolution PNG files for printing, low-resolution files for web

History In Motion website: www.historyinmotion.org