Logo Design (2010)

Business and technology consulting for the financial industry. Ellerbee Consulting leverages its world-class, highly experienced talent to provide tailored consulting services for large and small businesses in the financial industry. They specialize in:
- Management of multi-million dollar projects
- Trading operations (business and technology)
- Front, middle, and back-office processing
-Technology architecture, design, and development
- Business process re-engineering
- Operations and technology management
Strategically based in Zurich, Switzerland, Ellerbee Consulting manages assignments in any area of the world. I connected with the CEO and Founder to design the company logo and business cards.

Created original logo for web, generated and presented logo variations, produced finished logo and business card according to client's choice.

Received: Project brief

Delivered: High-resolution PNG files for printing, low-resolution files for web

Ellerbee Consulting website: www.ellerbee.ch